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                                               Resurrection Catholic School Counseling Program

Meet the School Counselor:
Hello, my name is Erin Cronin and I am the School Counselor at Resurrection Catholic School. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services/ Management and a Masters Degree in School Counseling from the University of St. Mary. This is my second year as a school counselor. Prior to counseling, I taught in the Archdiocese for 14 years. I'm a busy mom of four and love to read and spend time outdoors. I am so excited to be a part of the RCS family and see what God has in store for us this year!

The mission of the counseling program at RCS is to provide comprehensive services that promote academic, career, and social-emotional development for all students in a safe and inviting community. The program advocates for all students and delivers data-informed activities removing barriers to promote success in a diverse and ever changing world.

Parent Resources:
Does my child or teen need professional help?

Seeking outside counseling help:
Therapist lookup:
Catholic Therapists:
PACES-Wyandot Mental Health: (913) 563-6500
- Crisis Line (913)788-4200
The Family Conservancy: (913) 742-4357
Mattie Rhodes Center: (816) 471-2536
Keeler Women’s Center:

Assessment Resources:
Children's Mercy- Developmental and Behavioral Health (816) 234-3674
KU Medical Center for Child Health and Development (913)588-6300


Social Media/Technology:

General parenting:

These 20 trust bombs for middle schoolers will be total lifesavers for your kiddo:

7 things our teens need to know:

Boundaries, Routines and Early Bedtimes: 13 habits that raise well adjusted kids:

Not naughty: 10 ways kids appear to be acting bad but aren’t:

10 Tips to help your child with anger:

Social Skills:

Teaching social skills for life:

Play and Social skills:

ADHD/Executive Functioning:

5 unrealistic expectations people place on kids with ADHD:

What is executive functioning?:

10 ways to improve your teen’s executive skills:


Teen vaping: what you need to know:

How to talk to your kids about vaping:


5 ways to help your kid cope with stress:
7 tips to help your child manage stress:

Suicide prevention:

Experts explain how to talk about suicide to kids by age:

10 things parents can do to prevent suicide:

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide:


Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center:


Is your child being bullied? 9 steps you can take as a parent:

5 do’s and don’ts to helping kids handle bullying:

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