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Health Office Illness Guidelines

Updated for 2022-2023


1. Fever:

  1. 1. If your child is sent home from school with a fever do not send him/her to

school the following day. Your child should be fever free for 24
. A child’s temperature is lowest in the morning so a low
temperature on awakening is not a true indicator. If you have given your
child Tylenol or Motrin at night, the medication could still be affecting your
child’s temperature. A child should be fever free without the
assistance of medication for 24 hours before returning to school.

2. Vomiting/diarrhea.

  1. 1. A child should be free of vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours before

returning to school. A child who has been ill during the night may feel
slightly better in the morning and even ask to go to school. However, the
child will likely experience symptoms of illness later, will also be tired from
loss of sleep and will still be contagious to other children.

3. COVID Testing.

  1. 1. If your student has been tested for COVID they must stay home until

results are available. They may return if the test is negative, fever free
and symptoms improved.

  1. 2. Our office may rapid test students at school if necessary.

4. Positive COVID Test.

  1. 1. If your child tests positive and has quarantined for five days, they may

return on the sixth day (according to the nurse’s guidance) as long
as they are symptoms free and test negative.
A doctor’s note or
negative COVID test may be required in order for your student to return. If
they return, they are required to wear a mask for at least five days after
their negative test.

5. Masking

  1. 1. Masking will be optional to begin the school year.

  2. 1. Masking could be required for students in the following cases:

  •  The four or more positive cases in a classroom.There are

classroom could be required to mask in order to mitigate spread.
Masking would carry on for ten days and/or after all the cases have

  • A student returns from a positive test and has tested negative.

According to CDC guidelines, they have to wear a mask for at least
five days after their negative test and are fever-free.

6. Questions?

  1. 1. If in need of clarification about a specific health/COVID issues, please

contact our nurse, Mrs. Kuzila at or call the main

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