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Kindergarten Roundup (July/August): To help both our families and students prepare for the start of the year, we host a Kindergarten Roundup during the summer. This one-time event allows Kindergarten families to meet the teachers, see the classroom, and drop off supplies. Students can also see the classroom, their new seat, talk with the teacher, and meet new friends. 

New Family Orientation: We begin with a meeting in the Parish Center, where the principal introduces all of the faculty and staff, walks through the handbook and other important RCS policies, and answers parent questions. Then, students and families can visit their classroom(s) and meet their teachers. 
Back to School Night (August): Students and parents have the chance to see classrooms, drop off school supplies, and meet teachers. This event is a great way to start a new year, seeing both familiar faces and new faces, building on our sense of community.
Culture Night and Talent Show (Fall): We welcome the community to join us for an evening where students share their culture and talents. This event provides an opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures that are represented at Resurrection.
Multicultural Rosary (Fall): Each year, Resurrection's community comes together to pray the Rosary at one of our supporting parishes.  Our students and parents lead us, taking turns praying in their native language. Over the years, the Rosary has been prayed in Spanish, English, Croatian, Burmese, Karenni, German, and Slovenian.
Dia de los Muertos (November 1-2): Many of our classes celebrate Dia de los Muertos, learning about the history and meaning behind this special day.
Skate Parties (3 times per year): Hosted by the Resurrection Parent Community (RPC), skate parties are held at Skate City. Proceeds from the evening are donated to RCS. It's a great time for students and parents to socialize and develop lasting friendships while enjoying snacks and skating.
Walkathon (Fall): Each fall, in celebration of our completion of our fall raffle fundraiser and to promote health and fitness awareness, students participate in a Walkathon at the Bishop Ward High School sports complex. At the conclusion of the walk, we announce raffle prizes. 
STREAM Exhibition (Spring): This event is an opportunity for parents to visit students' classrooms and see what students have been learning and creating as a part of Resurrection's STREAM initiative. 
Chili Bingo (March): Sponsored by the Resurrection Parent Community (RPC), the Chili Bingo night is held on a Saturday evening in the parish hall at St. Mary - St. Anthony Church. The night consists of games, prizes, bingo, and of course, chili and other delicious foods. 

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