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School uniforms are worn at Resurrection Catholic School to provide a consistent appearance and to promote Resurrection’s identity in order to build a sense of community and belonging.  Uniforms also promote self-discipline and a responsibility for personal appearance. Students in Preschool - Age 4 (PK4) through 8th grade must wear uniforms. Students in Preschool - Age 3 (PK3) are not required to wear uniforms.


We request and expect parents’ cooperation with our efforts to maintain correct uniform among our students.   Please work together with your child to ensure compliance with the dress code.  Students out of uniform may be sent to the office and remain in the office until the proper uniform is provided.


K-8 Girls Uniform Summary

K-8: White or red polo shirt

K-8: Blue pants or shorts 

K-3: Plaid jumper or skort

4th: Plaid jumper, skirt, or skort

5-8: Plaid skirt or skort

6-8: Khaki pants or short

K-8 Boys Uniform Summary

K-8: Blue pants or shorts

K-8: White or red polo

6-8: Khaki pants or short

PreK4 Boys and Girls:

  • Blue pants or shorts (can be elastic waistband) Belts are not needed.

  • Red polo (need not tuck in)

  • Students in PreK4 may wear shorts with elastic waistband

  • Students in PreK4 may only wear Resurrection sweatshirt purchased through Dennis Uniform

  • Shoes must be plain athletic shoes or leather styled shoes that fasten

  • Socks must be worn


All Students K-8

  • Masks must be worn by all students.  The mask must cover the nose and chin.  No writing is allowed on masks. 

  • Students may wear shorts at any time during the year.  The length of the shorts, skirt or skort should be knee length or slightly above.

  • Students may only wear Resurrection sweat shirts purchased through Dennis Uniforms.

  • Shirts must be tucked in and pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the waist. (no sagging)

  • Undershirts/undergarments must be solid, short-sleeved white shirts.

  • Shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers.

  • Pants for both boys and girls: Students in grades K-5 must wear uniform-style blue pants.  Students in grades 6-8 may wear blue or khaki uniform- style pants.  No stretch pants, tight-fitting or jean type fabric is allowed. “Dickies” brand pants may not be worn.  Students must wear plain uniform pants with no extra pockets, decorative stitching or embellishments.  Pants must have a hem completely around the bottom of the pants.  Pants may not be cut, slit or torn at the hem.  These should be purchased in the uniform section of area stores or through Dennis Uniform.

  • Girls may wear solid red, blue, black or white tights or leggings under their skirts or jumpers.

  • Shoes must be plain athletic shoes or leather styled shoes that fasten (no heels, no slip-ons, no Crocs, no open toed shoes, no boots).  

  • Socks must be plain red, white, blue, gray, or black (girls - ankle and knee socks, boys - ankle or crew socks)

  • Belts must be worn with pants or shorts and should be solid black or brown leather type belt with a latch style buckle.  Military style belts may not be worn as part of the school uniform.  There may be no embellishments or lettering on the belt. 

  • Hair should be well groomed and appropriately styled with no unnatural dye or bleach.  Boys’ hair may not touch their eyebrows, ears or collar, should be cut to a height below 1 inch, should not be braided or in pony tail.  Razor cuts and fad hair styles are unacceptable. Other hair styles will be at the discretion of the administration.

  • Boys are strongly encouraged to be clean shaven. As facial hair begins to grow on boys, it is recommended that parents monitor and support the clean-shaven look.

  • One simple religious necklace, no larger than the size of a nickel (cross, crucifix, small saint medal) may be worn. A rosary may not be worn as a necklace.  No fad jewelry is allowed. Small stud earrings (no hoops or dangle earrings) may be worn on the lower earlobe by girls only. No bracelets (except Student of the Week bracelet) or rings may be worn.

  • No make up, nails or nail polish may be worn.

  • All uniform items may be purchased at Dennis Uniform.

  • On Dress Down Days, the following are not allowed:

    • Jeans or pants with holes

    • Open-toed shoes or sandals

    • Sleeveless shirts

    • Coats worn in classroom

  • If leggings or tight-fitting pants are worn, the entire back side of the student must be covered with shirt or dress.  Shoes and socks must be worn.

  • Students will be given a uniform infraction sheet to be signed by a parent when not following accepted uniform code.  With second offense, a parent will be called to bring correct uniform.



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