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Student Improvement Team (SIT)

The Student Improvement Team process is a systematic approach to addressing academic or behavioral needs of a student. Any needs of a student K-8th grade who is struggling either academically or behaviorally will be brought to the Student Improvement Team. The team of teachers, parents of the child and child (if age-appropriate) will meet to devise and implement strategies to help the student find success.

Special Education Services 

Students who have an Individualized Education Plan work with the KCKPS to receive special education services.  Most years, students travel to the KCKPS school building by bus. There, they receive services and then return to Resurrection. This year due to COVID-19, students are using Zoom to stream with their KCKPS teacher while in the Resurrection building. The time spent at Resurrection and the KCKPS building depends on the student's needs and IEP goals. 

Title 1 Instructors

To meet the needs of students who learn differently, we have several Title 1 Instructors. Title 1 Instructors work cooperatively with classroom teachers and provide small-group instruction, in addition to the instruction of the classroom teacher. The instructors gather and interpret assessment data and utilize instructional strategies and research-based intervention specific to the student. 

Support for English Language Learners (ELLs)

Students at RCS come from a variety of backgrounds. For our students that are English Language Learners or students whose native language is not English, our teachers provide differentiation to meet the needs of students. In addition to classroom teachers, students receive support from Title 1 Instructors, Resource Teacher, and English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher.

Resource Teacher

Our resource teacher is a specialized educator that gives added support to students struggling with an academic subject or skill. The Resource Teacher works closely with the classroom teacher and other support staff to serve students, monitor progression, and determine appropriate modifications. 

Reading Coordinator 

In 2020, Resurrection hired a Reading Coordinator to provide support for teachers and school-wide curriculum implementation. This individual helps with reading assessments, data analysis, and helps guide our school in our literacy efforts.

Math Coordinator

Our Math Coordinator works exclusively with students on Math through intervention and enrichment, to include small-group support. The Math Coordinator supports teacher instruction and school-wide curriculum implementation. 


The mission of the counseling program at RCS is to provide comprehensive services that promote academic, career, and social-emotional development for all students in a safe and inviting community. 
The program advocates for all students and delivers data-informed activities removing barriers to promote success in a diverse and ever changing world

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